If you (God) spent 4,000 yrs. writing & editing a book (Bible) you should expect people to take it seriously.


Reviewers Speak their Mind:

Author Cornelia Scott Cree uses multiple translations of the Bible and distinct scriptural references to underscore God’s true intent and His reason that reveals and corrects the flaws in the incorrect assumption.  Even a few of the 35 assumptions can significantly alter an individual’s spiritual growth. IN addressing the idea that “Hell is not real” she directs your attention to documentation concerning hell from Matthew, Mark, Luke, 2nd Corinthians and Ecclesiastes to first consider the two modern concepts of Hell and their associated fallacies.  She uses these biblical concepts to help the reader “think outside the box” and understand how time and tradition allowed the idea of Hell to fade and how that incorrect concept arose. She includes many examples of how the interpretation of events or words can alter meanings and allow a reader to easily make the wrong conclusion.  Different from most authors she leaves a clear understandable path to a soul saving choices.

Dr. Joe Paul Hurt, pathologist, former missionary to Africa

With her knowledge of original Greek Cornelia sets out to wrestle Biblical truth from misinterpretation, mistranslations and misleading ideas heard from the pulpit and cultural clichés.

For example, she discusses our spiritual life before arriving on this planet.  Jeremiah 29:11-012.  She shows the verb create means to reveal, so in the beginning God revealed the heavens and the earth.  That means that God already at some previous time created everything we now see and hear, and who we are. We were created before the foundation of the earth.  Romans 4:17 says God called forth everything, including me, into being.  We arrive here with a history.  Cree offers fresh insight into old and contemporary controversies by introducing the original means of words which can serve to break up conceptual and spiritual “log jams.”

Mary Jane Ellsworth, May 2016, artist