If you (God) spent 4,000 yrs. writing & editing a book (Bible) you should expect people to take it seriously.


Unique is an overworked word, but it applies to this small book. Written for Millennials and 186 million American students who had no Bible or prayer in school, plus skeptics, and those with church-fatigue, Ms. Cree knows what people are asking. Non-denominational and trying to be non-confrontational, she covers most of the basic questions people have with heavy reliance on the Greek Bible.

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Volume 1 Immaculate Assumptions: All the Stuff You Heard about the Bible that Isn’t True e-book $2.99 to read on your tablet or computer.

After Bible and prayers were removed from US schools some 184 million babies were born, a group with sketchy Christian knowledge or understanding. They now run for office and lead our country often confused and misinformed about God, the Bible and the role of religion in American history. As a trained theologian I know what God said.so for them I wrote this book.

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Cornelia Cree

Book Volumes to come!

Volume 2 Dream Interpretation and Biblical Symbolism

Volume 3 More Immaculate Assumptions

Volume 4 How the Kingdom of God Works (advanced study)

Volume 5 All that Stuff They Didn’t Teach You about God (for Millennials)

Volume 6 All That Stuff They Didn’t Teach You About American History (for Millennials)

Volume 7 Critical Thinking for Christians

Demons 101 – God’s Provision, Your Victory (publication date 2016)

A book on modern life in China (publication date 2017)

China Diary

Invitation to the Crucifixion (2018)

The Benefits of the Cross (2018) 

Handbook on Spiritual Warfare (2018)